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They use you as exit liquidity?
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Who is OLAF?

OLAF's vision is to create two separate platforms powered by Web2 and Web3 respectively. Our “Create 2 Earn” platform would enable consumers and businesses to find creative professionals to outsource projects and tasks, whereas the fashion marketplace would offer end-to-end solutions tailored to the untapped fashion market including current and upcoming brands. Both platforms will accept fiat currencies, crypto currencies and tokens of reputable projects. A percentage of all revenue streams will be shared among holders.

  • Art inspired by cartoons

  • Minimalism adopted from Scandinavia

  • Sleep deprivation due to web3


Q4, 2022

  • Finalize the art and define the metadata
  • Generate the collection of 5555 OLAF(s)
  • Upload the collection to a decentralized storage
  • Deploy the smart contract
  • Start onboarding music producers
  • Introduce first music artist
  • Release first artist's hit
  • Launch a clothing line
  • Showcase first designs
  • Start deploying Discord tools (mostly analytical)
  • Announce the tokenomics model
  • Issue an SPL token
  • Start a marketing campaign to raise the awareness across the space
  • Demonstrate sneak peeks of OLAF fashion marketplace

Q1, 2023

  • Mint
  • Launch giveaways
  • Showcase new clothing designs
  • Continue deploying Discord tools
  • Introduce second music artist
  • Release second artist's hit
  • Deploy first casino game
  • Deploy MVP of fashion marketplace

Q2, 2023

  • Deploy MVP of "Create-2-Earn" platform
  • Land music & fashion partnerships
  • Implement NFT staking
  • Revshare among NFT holders on a weekly/monthly basis
  • OLAF potion mint
  • JORN collection (mint using native OLAF SPL token or $SOL)
  • Review of the roadmap based on the DAO voting

Q3, 2023

  • Onboard fashion influencers (primarily based in Scandinavia)
  • Host an IRL event in Denmark for NFT holders
  • Fully fiat and crypto supported fashion marketplace
  • Revshare among NFT holders on a weekly/monthly basis
  • SVEN collection (mint using native OLAF SPL token or $SOL)
  • Deploy OLAF DTM
  • Invade the metaverse with presentation of next batch of artists

Q4, 2023

  • Introduce NFT as a Certificate of Authenticity on OLAF fashion marketplace
  • Revshare among NFT holders on a weekly/monthly basis
  • Release roadmap v2
  • What's next? 3D collection? OLAF munchies? Teach 2 earn?

Sick of losing $ on NFTs?
We feel you.



Internet degenerate. 4chan abuser. Developer wannabe. Truly loves Mexican food. Thinks that has better handles than Kyrie Irving.


Serial entrepreneur. Hardcore senior developer. Dad of Python. Believes that hard work is a key to success.


Played LoL. Didn't succeed. Music production God. Photographer. Artist at heart. Prolly does more push-ups than you and your bestie combined.


Family man, but still talks about jpegs. Hella intelligent. Never mention to him a pineapple pizza. Inter Milan ftw!


Art director. Exceptional digital content creator. Fiancée of justhitmeupasap. Bikes on average 30km a day. Cooks better than your momma. Punctual. Dedicated. Ambitious.


Web3 expert. Yes, expert.
Nature's dude. Loves hiking and camping. Another developer wannabe. Lifts some serious weights. More than BigBiceps.

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Eduards Keisters

Site Supervisor @ Alstom


Vadym Osetskyy

Freelance Full Stack Developer


Edvin Fiskov

Project Design Leader @ Alstom


Micael Ghizzardi

Onboard Delivery Manager @ Alstom


Dori Feher

Creative Brand Manager @ Implement Consulting Group


Cain Acosta

Web3 Enthusiast @ Solana NFTs

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Create 2 Earn.

OLAF is on the lookout for artists, developers and web3 enthusiasts.

We will provide an open ground for creating content alongside exercising control, ownership, and monetization privileges.

OLAF believes that web3 is the next generation of the internet.

Emerging web3 space, lots of skilled individuals who haven't found their digital home.

We will welcome you with open arms.

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